Certified Sports Nutritionist, Stefanie Rock
Is your athlete ready for the 
21 Day Rock Your Game Challenge?
If you’re anything like me- you spend a ton of time with your kids’ sports.
We invest a lot of time, energy, and money into the sport, so of course we want them to perform their best and get faster and stronger as they develop.
But, in order to meet the physical and mental demands of the game, it’s important they stay healthy, right?
Certainly, nutrition plays a huge role in better performance…
But it’s not the only aspect ...

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"It has made my kids better eaters and definitely changed their performance on and off the ice! With the season starting soon in full crazy mode, I love that they have had this guidance to know what they need and when. Nutrition is probably the most important part of the game and so many lack the knowledge. Wish I had started my boys sooner."

Ryann C.,  mom to 4 athletes 
with this 21 Day Challenge, Your athlete will...
boost immunity
Increase vitamin and essential macronutrient intake to support your immune system with new ideas and recipes.
Rest is essential for muscle recovery, growth, focus and performance. Improve the quality of sleep even when short on time.
Build stress management
Utilize various techniques and nutrients to support the mental demands of training and performance to reduce stress and decrease risk of injury.
Skip the sugar crash. These tips are designed to keep you fueled and energized for your long day ahead.
and more...
Hi, I'm Stefanie Rock- certified sports nutritionist, and author of Fuel Their Game

While youth sports has grown dramatically over the past years, I realized that nutrition was too often a missing key element of their training.
Specializing in youth athletes, I provide nutritional education unique to maturing and growing athletes. This key pillar of training builds a foundation for better health, not just for a season, but for their lifetime.
I'm fortunate to guest speak for teams and camps across the United States and Canada, helping players improve their performance through better nutrition.
I am also a mom to two hockey teenagers, dedicated to showing my kids the world, while simultaneously trying to save it. If I'm not at home, you can probably find me at the rink or the library!
Live life healthy- 
X ~Stefanie
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